PowerSolutions is 100% committed to safety.

PowerSolutions in-house Safety Plan was developed to exceed the standards set forth in the latest edition of the U.S Army Corps of Engineers EM-385-1-1 Safety Manual and OSHA guidelines. Our safety record is the result of effective safeguards we’ve built into every project we do.

While we operate from a master Safety Plan we’ve fine-tuned over the years, we understand that there is no “one size fits all” solution for keeping people safe in a construction zone, when each job is different. This is why we take time to objectively review every definable feature of work for each project and assess any potential hazards.

PowerSolutions individually designs a safety plan for each project that is site specific to fit that particular project’s needs and potential hazards. We take great pride in all of our worker’s Safety Training and our overall Safety Record.

PowerSolutions Safety

1Step One: Comprehensive Safety Plan
Prior to starting any project, we:

  • Develop site-specific safety plans, taking into account any unusual conditions or requirements, such as equipment training, site preparation, weather conditions, traffic, etc.
  • Incorporate all safety, health and environmental regulations pertaining to the job.
  • Create site-specific training programs for every PowerSolutions job.

2Step Two: Training
PowerSolutions trains personnel to act as the “qualified” or “competent” person for every major aspect of each project, and provides United States Army Corps of Engineers Construction Quality Management training and certification for a large percentage of our field personnel. Ongoing training is provided to all PowerSolutions employees as needed during the length of the project.

3Step Three: Management Commitment
Throughout every PowerSolutions project, our management team :

  • Schedules: We follow a regular schedule of safety performance review.
  • Reviews: We re-examine each safety, health, and environmental requirement of the project.
  • Re-evaluates: We make any adjustments needed to ensure ongoing safety and regulatory compliance.

4Step Four: Communicate, Communicate, Communicate
We keep open lines of communication with our employees, and we do it proactively. It’s our responsibility to make sure we’re on top of any special concerns or circumstances, so we actively solicit comments, concerns, any feedback at all, about what’s happening at a project’s site.


PowerSolutions is proud to be a member of the Northeast Florida Safety Council.
  • Government

    PowerSolutions knows how to meet the specific needs of government agencies. We serve local, state and federal government agencies, including the FBI, the U.S. Army, and HUD. We can serve as a contracting vehicle and have extensive minority certifications.
  • Healthcare

    From hospitals to medical buildings, elder care to treatment centers, mission-critical institutions whose power systems cannot fail rely on PowerSolutions for their electrical needs. Reliability, quality, and expertise - we provide our medical and healthcare clients what they need.
  • Commercial

    Developers and owners select PowerSolutions for projects from start-ups to global enterprises. Our specialty services include data center design and build, retail centers, healthcare facilities, and hospitals.
  • Multifamily

    We design and build high-density residential properties to incorporate attention to detail, modern technology and comfortable living. PowerSolutions projects range from small multifamily properties to large residential complexes.
  • Hospitality

    Your impressive occupancy rate is supported by our track record of on-time completion. The PowerSolutions team can implement everything from small facelifts and new builds to complete start-to-finish large scale remodels.