PowerSolutions offers a wide range of services and expertise, resulting from our unique blend of key personnel with established backgrounds in virtually every major industry.

The list of services we’ve performed – and can do for you – is extremely comprehensive. Please click on each of the Services listed below for details about our contracting capabilities.


Our range of Pre-Construction services cover key areas including:

  • Pre-Qualification of Subcontractors and Suppliers/Vendors
  • Existing Conditions Evaluation and Reporting
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Construction Impact Review
  • Value Engineering
  • Sustainability Review
  • Project Phase Estimation
  • Scheduling and Design
  • Quality Takeoff
  • Project Team Development
  • General Condition Requirements
  • Scope of Work Review


PowerSolutions can design unique systems, buildings, and modifications to suit your unique needs and provide the contract work necessary to take them from design to reality. We take on the toughest engineering, scheduling, and project management challenges – which makes the quality of our work, communication, and dedication invaluable on your “No Fail” project.

Our Design-Build project delivery solution simplifies the building process. Always following the basis of Prime Building, we orchestrate every aspect of the project including design, engineering and construction in a single conduit of delivery. PowerSolutions is your sole source for every aspect of your project, from concept to completion.

Environmental Management

PowerSolutions is pleased to provide your project with environmentally-focused solutions, including Green Energy Solutions, Pollution Control, Wildlife management and remediation, parks and outdoor recreation, trails, controlled burns, invasive species remediation, and sustainable environmentally-friendly design services.

When working with nature-driven projects such as campsites, parks, and river systems, it’s important to understand and respect what it is you’re working with. Most contractors can come out and provide a campsite that looks nice, but only a fraction will be able to do so without upsetting the local environment and the knowledge of how to manage potentially invasive or endangered plants.

All of our team leaders and project managers are ECATTS (Environmental Compliance Assessment, Training, and Tracking System) trained and certified.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

PowerSolutions leverages the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM), a technology that enables effective development models for design, construction, sustainably, and building operation and maintenance. BIM models allow Design Teams to share information efficiently, discover potential problems, adjust design, and review constructability and functionality before construction begins.


While most General Contractors are forced to subcontract their electrical work, we hold our own licensing and competent personnel with decades of experience in the electrical industry. Whether you need lightning protection systems, telecommunication, high voltage cables, warehouse lighting, or direct digital control systems of any kind, we can provide your power needs.

Interior and Finish

PowerSolutions continues to expand our interior design and renovation services. Our specialties are applicable across a wide range of industries including Healthcare, Multifamily, and Commercial.

We have experience with challenging renovations and retrofits, as well as complete new building projects. We collaborate with our clients every step of the way, developing strong design concepts, effective and efficient space plans, and a durable overall design based on each client’s unique needs. PowerSolutions can provide all related services, from Conceptual Design Illustration to Furnishing and Presentation and more.


Over the past decade, PowerSolutions has embraced a broad commitment to green building and sustainable design and construction practices. Real estate owners, developers and corporate owner-occupants have stimulated exponential demand for environmentally-friendly buildings. Whenever possible, our projects are designed to meet and exceed the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED standard.

PowerSolutions continually promotes and implements sustainable practices within local operations and on-site project teams. We:

  • Promote and educate our staff quarterly on the most up-to-date sustainable practices, focusing on requirements and recent changes
  • Implement recycling programs to reduce landfill waste stream
  • Dispose obsolete computer and electronics to an IDEM-approved recycling facility
  • Brainstorm education programs with the U.S. Green Building Council – Indiana Chapter members on a monthly basis
  • Provide in-house test preparation for all employees for exams and continuing education administered by the U.S. Green Building Council, NAHB & Energy Star Programs
  • Train employees of completed projects that have surpassed the sustainable goals set forth at the beginning of the design on organization requirements, standard practices for design/construction and operations/maintenance methods.

Our focus on this sustainability initiative has enabled us to build a database of “green” construction principles most beneficial to our clients, and guide the construction of smarter facilities.


PowerSolutions uses a three-pronged approach to provide the most advanced, best-in-class technology solutions to streamline our processes, give our employees and clients the access to the most up-to-date tools, and stay at the forefront of construction technology.

• Construction Management Expertise

Our IT staff has extensive building construction management expertise to complement their technical skills. This unique combination of skill sets allows PowerSolutions to provide quality work in areas other companies are forces to shy away from; such 3D Concept Designs, Digital Document Control, Network and Server Administration, Data Centers, Uninterrupted Power Supplies (“UPS” or “Battery Backups”) and technology-forward building methods to ensure the most secure and reliable networks available.

• Relationships with Tech Providers

We’ve developed relationships with leading industry technology companies to enhance our technology offerings. By leveraging these relationships, we can provide customized solutions to meet the need of our projects and clients.

• Continuous Training

PowerSolutions conducts ongoing training with our staff and clients so both understand how to use advanced technologies to create an enhanced construction experience.

We’re interested in being part of your project team! Please call us at 904-288-7710 or email us and let’s talk.

  • Government

    PowerSolutions knows how to meet the specific needs of government agencies. We serve local, state and federal government agencies, including the FBI, the U.S. Army, and HUD. We can serve as a contracting vehicle and have extensive minority certifications.
  • Healthcare

    From hospitals to medical buildings, elder care to treatment centers, mission-critical institutions whose power systems cannot fail rely on PowerSolutions for their electrical needs. Reliability, quality, and expertise - we provide our medical and healthcare clients what they need.
  • Commercial

    Developers and owners select PowerSolutions for projects from start-ups to global enterprises. Our specialty services include data center design and build, retail centers, healthcare facilities, and hospitals.
  • Multifamily

    We design and build high-density residential properties to incorporate attention to detail, modern technology and comfortable living. PowerSolutions projects range from small multifamily properties to large residential complexes.
  • Hospitality

    Your impressive occupancy rate is supported by our track record of on-time completion. The PowerSolutions team can implement everything from small facelifts and new builds to complete start-to-finish large scale remodels.